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What is a Crossbite?

Do you suffer from a crossbite?

A crossbite is a form of malocclusion whereby your jaws are mis-aligned horizontally. The teeth of the upper or lower jaw must be moved toward the right or the left to achieve a perfect alignment between the top and lower jaws.

Stated differently, the upper teeth may overhang the lower teeth on the left side, while the lower teeth may jut out to the right on the right side.

This condition is typically congenital, meaning you’re born with the mis-alignment in your jaw.

There are two methods used to correct a crossbite. A crossbite can be corrected with braces. Crossbites can also be corrected using a palate expander. Sometimes, both methods may be used to correct the condition.

If uncorrected, a crossbite can lead to significant problems that only get worse with time, including improper wear on your teeth, resulting in erosion of the enamel and ultimately, decay and tooth loss.

orthodontics in vaughan, of Orthodontics in vaughan, offers crossbite braces to correct your teeth and help you achieve a perfect smile!

Orthodontics in vaughan uses state of the art technology, including iTero 3D scanning technology to get a perfect, high detail impression of your dentition without the need for gooey alginate impression molds or the radiation of x-rays.

What’s more, you’ll also benefit from this leading clear braces dentist’s innovative Invisalign software to create clear braces. Dentist Orthodontics in vaughan also offers invisible braces, such as Empower clear braces, which utilize clear components instead of the typical silver metallic elements. This means your braces will be virtually invisible to others!

Many adults, especially professionals, are hesitant to correct a crossbite due to the unsightly look of metal braces. But Empower clear braces and Invisalign clear aligners can be used to achieve a perfect smile, without the ugly metal brackets and wires!

If you’re ready to correct your crossbite with clear braces, Dentist Orthodontics in vaughan is happy to assist. orthodontics in vaughan is now accepting new clients at his practice, Orthodontics in vaughan.

You’ll benefit from orthodontics in vaughan flexible night and weekend hours. orthodontics in vaughan understands that many are hesitant to get crossbite braces due to the regular office visits that are required. But his expanded hours ensures that there’s a convenient appointment time that will work with your busy school or work schedule.

Patients will also enjoy competitive pricing and flexible payment solutions.

If you’re ready to correct your crossbite with clear braces, contact Orthodontics in vaughan to schedule a consultation appointment by calling 289-802-1037.

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