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Invisalign Itero

Orthodontics in vaughan is now offering iTero dental scanning solutions for clients who are getting Invisalign braces.

Digital 3D Invisalign iTero scanning is the first step in getting clear braces. Dentist Orthodontics in vaughan , of Clear braces vaughan, offers Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, along with Empower clear braces, among others.

Invisalign iTero intraoral scanning is used to achieve a detailed digital model of your teeth, without the radiation of an x-ray or the uncomfortable, gag-inducing goop that’s required to take alginate impressions.

Once complete, the iTero scan is inputted into a special Invisalign software program, which maps out the gradual movement of your teeth. This digital model is then utilized to create the series of clear Invisalign aligners, which gradually and gently shift your teeth into the new, more desirable position.

Invisalign iTero scanning offers a range of benefits, including:

It’s comfortable! There’s no gooey alginate, so you can breathe and swallow with ease during the 3D scanning process. There’s also no unpleasant taste.

It’s safe! You won’t be exposed to the radiation of x-rays. The iTero scanning system uses a safe laser to scan your mouth and generate the images.

It’s accurate! iTero scans are extremely detailed and accurate, making it possible to craft a perfect Invisalign aligner or retainer. There’s almost never a need to re-do the scan and you won’t need to take multiple impressions as is commonly required for gooey alginate impressions.

It’s fast! The iTero 3D digital scanning process is fast and the scans are instantly available on-screen for orthodontics in vaughan! This means that getting started with the Invisalign system is much faster, since you’ll get your Invisalign treatment plan developed quickly.

These are just a few benefits that you’ll enjoy when you turn to Clear braces vaughan for your Invisalign braces! We utilize state of the art technology for an easy scanning process.

Clear braces dentist orthodontics in vaughan, of Clear braces vaughan, is now accepting new clients for Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatments. So if you’re ready to get a new smile with Invisalign clear braces, Dentist Orthodontics in vaughan can help!

orthodontics in vaughan’s clinic offers flexible night and weekend hours, so there’s an appointment spot to work with your busy schedule.

Clear braces vaughan also provides competitive pricing, along with flexible payment solutions. That means your new smile is within reach and workable for your unique budget.

If you’re ready to transform your smile, contact Clear braces vaughan to schedule a consultation appointment. Just call 289-802-1037.

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